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Cancellations and Termination
Services can be canceled by either the client or C.J. Ford Private Investigations. If the client cancels the services, any money collected will be forfeited. Any additional money due will be billed to client. Unless arrangements for payment are made, any information developed or results will be held until full payment is received. Any collateral will be held until payment is received. If a refund is determined, it will be refunded to client within 30 days.

Retainer Fee or Deposit

A retainer fee is charge to cover advance cost on the case. A retainer fee is also to cover the time necessary that we have set aside to work on your case. An additional retainer fee will be charged if the present retainer has been depleted. A Retainer fee is usually anywhere from 30% to 70% of what your final billing will be. A retainer fee is not the full charge for your services. A retainer fee is just an estimate. Your final bill will be based on actual hours plus any expenses that occurred on our services. Retainer fees are not refundable.
A deposit might be held for the purposes of expenses that might occur. If these expenses have not occurred, then the balance of the deposit is refundable.

Late Payments and Interest

A late fee of 1.5% will be assessed on all invoices and late payments. This interest will be
compounded monthly. Any invoice or payment that is 45 days late is subject to legal action.

Forfeiture of Discounts

If we give you a discount for our service and you do not pay for the services as contracted, you will lose any discount that we gave you. This applies to any violation of payment terms whether for hourly or a fixed rate if a discount is given to you for our service or if payment is not received according to the terms of the contract unless additional arrangements are made.


Case Brief is a description of what is alleged that is happening as interpreted from the agent who spoke to the prospective client. This Brief is not what our duties will be as to performing services. It is just a summary of what the case is about as perceived by our agent.

Case Instructions are what our company thinks after contracting with the client that would be a possible course or suggestive course of action. These instruction may vary or change as the course of the investigation or results change. These instruction should not be interpreted literally because investigations are complicated, and it is up to our discretion to change, alter, add, or delete any course of actions to complete and satisfy the scope of the investigation.

Regular hourly rates for services is our standard hourly rate for investigative services. If we agree to give client a discount on our hourly rates then client will continue to receive that rate as long as client does not default on the contract or Promissory Note or fail to make the payment or payments within terms of our agreement.

Flat rates are determined on cases when there is an unknown quantity of hours to be put into a case, or the investigation is a continuous operation. Flat Rates are considered discounted service. Flat Rates are a fixed discounted price to cover a span of hours, or just a flat price to provide services on clients case. If a flat rate is based on an hourly span we will specify the maximum hours. If the investigation reaches the maximum hours, and client decides to continue the investigation, then at our discretion we can re-negotiate the agreement and reestablish a new Flat rate for services.

Client will receive a flat rate discount as long as they do not default on the contract or fail to make payment or payment within terms of our agreement. Flat rate cases are nonrefundable. If client agrees to have their case worked at a flat rate, client can not convert the flat rate to an hourly rate just because the results became available sooner than they expected and the calculation is cheaper if client would have decided to go with an hourly rate. Client is responsible for a flat rate billing on services if they decide to discontinue the services.

A promissory note is consider separate from the contract, but based on information contained in the contract. By contracting our services and agreeing to a Promissory Note on the balance client has waived the right to discontinue payments without violating the contract and the Promissory Note.
Financing is just what it implies. Client receives a credit arrangement to make payments on the agreement, such as if client borrowed the money from a finance company and paid it to us. It is considered that client is borrowing money from us instead of a third party to pay their balance and we expect that the credit that we extended to client is to be paid back. Clients have the option of having a third party pay us in full, or Client has the option of getting credit from us.

Please do not give us original copies of documents, exhibits, tapes, video’s, etc. Client must copy all items given to us. Client can request that we make copies and charge client the cost and return the originals to them. We are not responsible for any items that are given to us unless it is specified in the agreement. We have a right to maintain copies of any documents that client submit to us unless otherwise specified in this contact.

Client has the option of how they would like information reported to them. Reports are usually generated at the companies discretion, however, client can request a special report at any time they feel is necessary.

Client will be charged the regular hourly rate for administrative cost or charges of the staff to maintain the file or report writing. Administrative cost do not apply for fixed rated cases because these prices are incorporated in the cost of the case. However, if client is requesting special reports then the client will be charged for the cost of the report.

The scope of the investigation is the general or specific reason for our services. The scope of the investigation is based on the Case Brief, and the Case Instruction.

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