C. J. Ford Private Investigations 

We specialize in:


Criminal Cases, Wrongful Convictions, Unsolved Cases, Cold Cases and Closed Cases


C. J. Ford Private Investigations is the place to go for investigative assistance with state or federal criminal cases. Although our specialty is criminal cases, we handle a variety of other investigative services. These services include locating missing people, background checks, personal investigative services, and a variety of civil investigative services. So even though we specialize in criminal case, we do a complete spectrum of investigative services. Please go to our service link for a listing of our services.


We are your advocate for Constitutional rights. Please go online and buy our book "Whistle Blowing Orange County Style" This book will be helpful if you are trying to overcoming the bureaucracy, large corporate, or entities violating your civil liberties This book will coach you through the necessary steps that you need to determine whether you are capable of engaging these entities yourself, and what to expect.