"We will "Customize" our services around your needs."


Quality & Discreet Investigative Services.....

* Criminal
Accused or Convicted Wrongfully of a crime? Have a criminal related case that no one can solve? Had a case closed prematurely by Law Enforcement? Like to have a full Independent investigation?
C. J. Ford Private Investigations has complete criminal investigative services and For The Innocent Resolutions, an Investigative Projects for people who have been wrongfully accused or incarcerated.

* Civil, Domestic, or Personal
Need to win your civil case? Serve legal papers? Locate someone or their assets? Collect on a judgment? Run a background check? Personal Injury investigation? Loss prevention? Identity Fraud?

C. J. Ford Private Investigations has a complete line of Civil, Domestic, and Personal services tailored to your needs.

* Private Investigative Workshops
Need Private Investigative training?

C. J. Ford Private Investigations has Private Investigative Workshops. Individuals and group participation. Workshops may be available On-Line.